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Eyebrow Design by Gail Marie
Expertly shaped eyebrows can transform your entire face, providing the perfect frame for your eyes, the window to your soul. In fact, a clean well-defined eyebrow arch can actually appear to refresh your entire appearance. Gail Marie is a licensed cosmetologist and certified paramedical aesthetician who has been shaping brows in Westchester county for 20 years and has garnered a wide following of clients including men, women and teens.  In addition to her expert brow shaping, Gail Marie also specializes in brow and eyelash tinting to create the perfect individualized design. Place your brows in the gentle and precise hands of Gail Marie.
Voted Best Eyebrow artist in Westchester Weddings 2011 and Best Eyebrow Artist in Westchester Magazine 2008.    
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